Hollywood Horror Pin Up Photoshoot



CRAAAACK! you hear…. do you open the door and see what is lurking in your hallway? Or do you call 911 and barricade yourself in your room and pray the doorknob doesn’t start turning????

If you love Horror Movies then you definitely don’t want to miss this THRILLER of a shoot!

Classic Horror- The 40 Foot Tall Woman &  The Mummy

You will get to shoot 2 movies!

Who can Book:

Anyone! No experience necessary, we can help you from head to toe!


Saturday, March 27th

Session Length:

1 hour

What does the Set look like:

TBD, part of the set will be on location and part of the set will have a green screen. Lots of props and Horror Characters will be interacting with you during your shoot!


You get 2 outfit changes during your shoot time, most people match their outfits to fit the set. You can contact us if you need direction or suggestions!

Booking Fee Choose your Tier:

Tier 1: $199- includes photoshoot only, 6 professionally edited photos

Tier 2: $299- includes photoshoot, 8 professionally edited photos & publication in the International Modern Day Pin Up Magazine.

Extra Edits are available for $10 each.


Vero Beach, Florida. Location will be emailed once bookings are confirmed.

Hair & Makeup:

Professional Retro Hair & Makeup services are available for an additional cost of $100 booked through www.vintagepinupparlor.com/events

Most commonly asked questions:

1. I don’t know how to pose, what should I do?

Don’t worry! We provide professional Pin Up posing guidance by @theparisianhostesspinup

2. Is the photographer male or female?

Your photographer is a female and will make sure you feel comfortable. We want you to have fun!

3. What should I bring?

Go retro and focus on 40-50’s style outfits, try to go for colors that will match the set. Garters, thigh highs are very pin up and tasteful and make for darling “peek a boo” shots. Make sure you get accessories! Retro Styled high heels that match your outfit are key.

We also have What Katie Did vintage Lingerie if you would like to purchase for your shoot, you must contact us in advance for this.

Cancellation Policy:

***All Bookings are final and no refunds will be provided due to our photoshoots selling out***