DIY Rockabilly Wedding Ideas with Rockabilly Red

Written By: Rockabilly Red

Looking for inspiration to combine the elegant and classy look of a wedding with the energetic and exciting rockabilly aesthetic? Have I got some ideas for you! For a guest book display, it’s easy to bring in old and new to make it you. Bring in things you both love to the table. A neat idea with some retro flare is to include a vintage typewriter with an important or meaningful saying. To bring in more love of the 40s and 50s, a retro car on a record is an interesting piece. I added in some retro flare with an elegant head vase from the 1940s to make a lovely flower display. Feel free to choose any items that hold meaning to the both of you to make the display truly you.

Items needed:
• champagne glasses
• a glue gun, scissors
• gems
• black and white cord
• red and white tulle
1) Choose a glass and add a dab of glue to the bottom
2) Wrap either the black or white cord around the glass starting from the bottom up. Add bits of glue as needed and at the end of wrapping. Repeat for both bride and groom.
3) For the bride, grab a piece of tulle to make the dress and wrap it around a small square piece of cardboard. Slide the tulle off of the cardboard then pinch it together like a bow with the folded parts toward the edges. Tie in the middle then cut the folded edges. Spread the pieces of fabric then glue to the bottom of the glass to make the dress. Add more fabric as needed and feel free to add more colors.
4) Add decoration to the bride’s dress as desired such as a gem string as a necklace, pearls, bows, feathers, or small white flowers.
5) For the groom, add some decoration like a large bow for a bowtie, some button gems, and a red flower as a boutonnière.