Rocking Retro Hats with Rockabilly Red

Written By: Rockabilly Red

Vintage hats are a fabulous must have accessory that every pinup should include in their wardrobe. Stylish, functional, and gorgeous, adding a hat to any outfit can really bring it to the next level! If an outfit feels like something is missing or just a bit too drab, adding a darling little hat can really put a fashionable and personal touch to your looks. No need to fret too much over whether or not to add a hat, just remember to have fun with it! 

     If you’re still looking to add a bit of extra flair, don’t be afraid to accessorize those hats. With a simple addition, you can really make your own personal style show through! Add a bit of shine to your looks by simply pinning on your favorite vintage brooch. That extra bit of sparkle will help you look truly glamorous and get those heads turning. For an extra bit of fluff and flair, adding a beautiful feather or two will really liven those hats up. Feathers are absolutely perfect for adding a soft yet elegant air to your looks. If you want to really make your outfit pop, adding lovely flowers to your hat can really add that extra bit of color you’re looking for! Not only that, but adding multiple flowers can be an excellent and elegant way to bring out the color in your outfit. Looking to get a bit creative with your hat’s accessories? Adding fake fruits or even small toys can put quite a unique spin on any outfit! Your outfits are your masterpieces, and a hat can be the finishing touch. 

       I always love to add adorable and stylish accessories to my vintage hats and outfits. Not only does this make them more glamourous, but also that much more fun to wear! Remember, just because its vintage doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours. It always puts a smile on my face to be able to personalize my style how I like it. Here’s some of my favorite ways to personalize my hats:

For my first lovely hat, I have chosen this simple yet fabulous satin black hat from the 1950s era. While gorgeous on its own, adding a bit of beauty is easy. For a classy and elegant feel, I added a beautiful brown and black feather with a gem. To add a subtle bit of glam and variety to the hat, I added a black flower with a pearl center. For a bit of sparkle, I added this simple but dazzling star like brooch.

For my second adorable hat, I chose this cute plum colored Deluxe Velour hat from the 1940s era. The first addition to this hat is some darling red cherries with a polka dotted bow to add a rockabilly style to it. I then added a lovely peacock brooch to add a bit of sparkle and a dash of color. I finally added a matching purple flower to add some added interest to this lovely hat.

My final hat is this gorgeous royal blue crown cap from the 1950s era. First to add a bit of mystery, I added a royal blue polka dotted veil to the front. I then added a beautiful bunch of sparkly royal blue flowers to add a cute yet elegant flair to the hat. I also added some royal blue feathers with a black gem to add a soft and glamourous look to the hat.

Adding hats to an outfit then making them truly yours with adorable accessories is a fun and fashionable way to express yourself. Don’t limit yourself to only what I’ve said here. Fashion should be fun and glamourous. Be sure to get out there with your vintage hats and make them your own!